Michelin-starred since 1996

Nigel is regarded as one of the greatest British chefs practising in the UK. From his base in Lancashire, he is Chef Ambassador at Northcote, where a passion for creating traditional British dishes that champion locally sourced seasonal ingredients, has led Nigel and the restaurant to hold a Michelin Star for over 20 years. Well-travelled and with a passion for culinary perfection, Nigel is the ideal source of all things foodie. Nigel is also a popular TV personality and has appeared on programmes such as Yes Chef, Saturday Kitchen, MasterChef and Great British Menu, which he went on to win in 2009.

Nigel’s heart lies at Northcote – a lifetime’s work where Nigel has showcased his gastronomic brilliance for 29 years set in the rugged beauty of the Ribble Valley in Lancashire.

However, having travelled the world far and wide for both work and pleasure, his passion for culinary perfection has been gathered from across the globe (although this cannot be claimed for his famous signature dish - Lancashire hotpot). The ideal source of insight for all things foodie, Nigel shares some of the destinations and dishes that have inspired him for you to look out for on your own travels.undefined

Nigel shares three recipes that he has created following trips to Bali, New York and the Maldives… click here to watch Nigel cooking these dishes along with the recipes.

OBSESSION – In 2001, Nigel created Obsession, an annual gastronomic event in which chefs from around the world take the reins in Northcote’s Michelin Star kitchen to create a celebration of great food and wine, and a meeting of friends, old and new. Now, 18 years on OBSESSION is running for 18 nights, with chefs from around the world taking part. 

For more insight and inspiration from Nigel on tastes from across the world, see our destination pages, or for more information about Northcote and the OBSESSION festival visit


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