Charlotte HuddersCharlotte Hudders

Following a childhood full of creativity (Charlotte’s mother is an artist), a career in this area was inevitable. She studied Theatre and Performance Design at Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, before moving into textile design and launching her own range of silk scarves – handmade in Como, Italy. Charlotte currently lives in Dubai, and works as an Art Director as well as continuing to develop her collection.

A self confessed lover of ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ – the name of her debut collection – it is clear to see how the vibrant island of Bali inspired PURE LUXURY design partner Charlotte Hudders, with experience of living and working in this beautiful area of the world, it has surely inspired her work and collection of hand drawn luxury silk accessories.

After studying, Charlotte worked as a freelance designer before an opportunity in Bali came along which she jumped at. Working as a print designer, inspiration was drawn from the culture and natural environment, with exquisite colours and patterns everywhere; from traditional dress and the amazing architecture of the temples to the surrounding landscapes, of golden beaches, rainforests and rice paddies. There was so much to explore and inspire, and it was in Bali that Charlotte began to put together the ideas for her debut collection.

A very special island, Charlotte feels so lucky to have lived there and has so many fond memories. One day that will always stand out to her was when she was invited to celebrate Kuningan Festival with friend who was born in Bali. She had a beautiful traditional outfit made; a lace Kabaya top and sarong which was given to her as a gift – and Charlotte was the only westerner parading with over a thousand local people, but the overwhelming sense of feeling welcome has never been stronger.

In complete contrast, Charlotte now lives and works in Dubai providing her design services to a host of luxury hotels and venues where extravagance is in abundance. The glitz and glamour of this inspiring, exciting and ever-evolving destination is the perfect base to keep Charlotte’s creative juices flowing. She is still wowed by the diversity of the architecture, with the world’s tallest building (and highest bar) – Burj Khalifa – to take in the spectacular view of the city. When comparing this example of shimmering modernity, to the traditional citidels that you can still see across the city, Charlotte finds it hard to believe how far Dubai has moved and how fast… with no sign of slowing. Add to this beautiful desert landscapes; the rich terracotta sand on the horizon against the blue of the sky is a sight Charlotte will never tire of. As she drives alongside the rugged mountains of Arabia, and sees the Bedouins in traditional dress – with decorated seams and other adornments – it’s a magical feeling.

undefinedTrying island life on for size on a recent holiday – staying on a secluded atoll in the Maldives – Charlotte experienced a pace of life previously unknown. She felt it was just idyllic, but with vibrancy all around; the white sand beaches and turquoise water side by side looking too beautiful to be true. undefinedThe over-water accommodation brought Charlotte closer to nature than ever before, surrounded by ocean teeming with an incredible variety of wildlife… innumerable types of fish and of course, coral reefs.

A move further east saw Charlotte living it up in Thailand, enjoying the culture in a BIG way, and becoming particularly fond of Thai street food with its different flavours of chilli, lemongrass and ginger – amongst others. As in Bali, on arrival in Thailand a feeling of ‘welcome-ness’ embraced her, and never left – Charlotte found the ‘land of smiles’ is exactly that. With family living in Bangkok, Charlotte has plenty of opportunity to return to this fascinating part of the world, and on her visits will often spend the weekend taking photographs of the incredible surroundings whilst diving on one of the picturesque islands. Then of course, there are the inspiring and intricate temples and palaces – a definite must see / explore.

Seeing the world is all well and good, but really taking it in and experiencing it is even better.

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