Our partners share their knowledge throughout this website; look out for insight from an international designer and inspiration from a Michelin-starred chef. You’ll also find a range of properties that have been reviewed by Mr & Mrs Smith so you’ll know if the hotel or resort you’re looking at is one of the world’s very best boutique hotels.


Charlotte Hudders is an up-and-coming textile designer, who has hand-drawn the beautiful kaleidoscope-inspired cover for the PURE LUXURY Worldwide Holidays 2015-16 brochure, and also shares her take on shape, form and design from around the globe, bringing destinations to life in the pages of the brochure. Look out for her ‘DESIGNER DETAILS’.

Michelin-starred since 1996

Nigel is regarded as one of the greatest British chefs practising in the UK. He will be sharing his experiences and knowledge about cuisines around the world, with mouth watering must-eat suggestions throughout the PURE LUXURY Worldwide Holidays 2015-16 brochure and on this website. Well-travelled and with a passion for culinary perfection, Nigel’s ‘CULINARY CUES’ are the ideal source of insight for all things foodie.

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