If ever there was a city that had it all, it’s Vancouver. Surrounded by water and mountains, with warm weather, beaches and great entertainment. Whether you prefer to be on the beach beside the ocean, picknicking in Stanley Park, enjoying the view from the mountains or xploring downtown – Vancouver combines the best of outdoor life with a vibrant and cosmopolitan city.


Whistler is Canada’s leading mountain resort and it’s easy to see why. Miles of breathtaking scenery and many sports and leisure activities ensure it remains popular. Appealing to all sorts of visitors, from ski and sports enthusiasts to those who enjoy more gentle pursuits such as hiking, sailing and fishing. Although it made its name as a winter resort, Whistler is just a vibrant in summer – at its base there are five lakes, interconnected by paved trails that are perfect for walking and cycling.


Canada’s largest city, Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario. From cosmopolitan chic to country charm, Toronto’s neighbourhoods offer and eclectic mix of architecture, food and shopping. Choose between relaxing beside the cool waters of Lake Ontario, marvelling at the autumnal colours in the parks, or enjoying a walk through the crisp, white snow – Toronto has something for everyone.


GMT: -5 hours Toronto
-8 hours Whistler, Vancouver
FLIGHT TIME: 8 hours to Ontario (Toronto)
9 hours 30 minutes to British Columbia (Vancouver and Whistler)
CURRENCY: Canadian Dollars
CLIMATE: The weather patterns across Canada are relatively similar, despite the country’s size; with defined seasons of winter, spring, summer and autumn. Coastal regions are usually more moderate than the inner areas, and mountain ranges attract higher rainfall and snow in some areas than others – it is cold everywhere in winter and typically warm in most locations in summer (June to September). September marks the start of autumn, with spectacular foliage lasting into October. Springtime starts in late April through to early June and is a delightful time of year to visit as the snow melts to reveal the country’s vivid colours.


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