Stretching over 900 miles along the west coast of the USA, California is a huge state of enormous contrasts. From the golden beaches of the Pacific Coast in the west to the imposing peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains in the east – from the forests of towering Redwoods in the northwest to the expansive Mojave Desert in the southeast, the geography here is as diverse as the options available. With San Francisco – small in size but big in attractions – you can immerse yourself in the city’s character and charm. From the iconic Golden Gate Bridge to the beautiful bays and hills, ‘San Fran’ is perfect for a short stay, but with so much to experience you could spend weeks exploring everything it has to offer. Head south to Hollywood – home to The Oscars – you’ll find superb dining and shopping… this is where the beautiful people come out to play. Just an hour away from LA, at Newport Beach you’ll find sophisticated charm in this seaside oasis offering great shopping and plenty of watersports available to keep you busy.

Los Angeles

Big stars and big money make a lot of noise in Los Angeles, one of the world's most glamorous cities. Getting to know LA as a visitor means exploring its vast sprawl bit by bit - Beverly Hills one day, Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood the next.

San Francisco

A compact cosmopolitan city of hills surrounded on three sides by water, San Francisco has wonderfully panoramic views, bohemian neighbourhoods, dramatic architecture, picturesque parks and a busy bay. Expect fun; San Franciscans spend a lot of time in the bars, clubs and theatres.


GMT: –8 hours Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco
-10 hours Hawaii
FLIGHT TIME: 10 hours 30 minutes to Las Vegas
11 hours to Los Angeles, San Francisco
CLIMATE: Coastal and southern parts of California have a Mediterranean climate, with somewhat rainy winters and dry summer.


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