The destinations awaiting just across the pond hold every landscape you can possibly think of. Shimmering skyscrapers rise in the exciting cities of New York, Los Angeles and Toronto, bright lights pulse and glare in glittering Las Vegas, mountain peaks tower over shining lakes in Whistler and there’s all the fun of the fair in Florida… the opportunities are endless.

The U.S of A… the home of the brave… the land of the free, paired with ‘the great white north’ of Canada – this is a continent rich in adventure. From scenic coastal highways to solitary desert roads, pretty drives and city drives; shining seas to serene lakes, raging rivers and awe-inspiring waterfalls; sun- kissed sands to snow-capped peaks, rugged coastline and unique geology – the list goes on and on. Where to go is a big question, and with so much to see and do, make sure the answer eventually is… everywhere.

Once you’ve decided on the USA or Canada – or better still, both – there are countless options available for your perfect trip across the Atlantic.



GMT: –5 hours (Miami, New York, Orlando, Toronto)
–8 hours (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Whistler)
–10 hours (Hawaii)
FLIGHT TIME: 7 hours 30 minutes to New York
8 hours to Ontario (Toronto)
9 hours 30 minutes to British Columbia (Vancouver and Whistler), Miami, Orlando
10 hours 30 minutes to Las Vegas
11 hours to Los Angeles and San Francisco
17 hours to Hawaii
CURRENCY USA - US Dollars, Canada - Canadian Dollars
CLIMATE Eastern USA - continental climate, Southern East coast - sub - tropical climate, Florida - tropical.
Canada has defined seasons of winter, spring, summer and autumn.



Simply awe-inspiring, on every level. The red carpet glamour of LA feels polished, and gives you that movie-star feeling, whilst in Las Vegas you find non-stop entertainment, and the design is so varied the only word to describe it is ‘wow’. Over to the east you find the shimmering skyscrapers of Manhattan, sat in contrast to the elegant brownstone rowhouses, and in Florida, the contrasts continue – from themed hotels and resorts in Orlando dominating the real estate, to Art Deco at its finest in Miami.


Big and bold are the two key words to describe American cuisine. Traditional dishes such as steak, surf & turf and BBQ remain firm favourites across the country but there’s a movement towards a healthier and more varied diet, especially along the west coast. In California you’ll find sushi, chopped salads and juices widely available. And of course being on the coast it’s well positioned for a whole host of fresh delectable seafood, just picture dining on lobsters on the beach, perfect.

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