Scattered across five archipelagos, the 118 gorgeous islands of French Polynesia each have a very individual character and each is utterly glorious in its own way.


Tahiti – the largest of the islands, Tahiti’s majestic peaks and lush rainforests beckon visitors to discover the deep valleys, crystal-clear streams and refreshing waterfalls that enhance the island’s inner beauty. Explore via four-wheel drive, horseback or on foot and make certain that the 1,000-foot Fautaua Waterfalls makes it onto your itinerary. Tour Tahiti’s coastal roads and rugged shores to experience the island’s black-sands, legendary surf and azure lagoons, making sure to stop off at Pont Venus – the historic landing site of famous explorers such as Captain Cook and Captain William Bligh. Also home to the vibrant capital of Papeete.


Bora Bora – mesmerising lagoons and kaleidescope reefs encircle this enchanting island, famed for its world-class snorkelling and scuba – expect harmless sharks, huge manta rays and stunning shipwrecks. The sweeping sands of Matira – Bora Bora’s most idyllic beach – is found on the southern tip and at the centre of the island a double-peaked extinct volcano, drenched in green forest, rises from the sheltered aqua lagoon.


GMT: -10 hours (French Polynesia)
FLIGHT TIME: Approximately 23 hours via Los Angeles
CURRENCY: Pacific Franc
CLIMATE: Cooled by the gentle breeze of the Pacific, the climate is sunny and pleasant. There are two seasons; from November to April the climate is warmer and more humid, whilst May to October is cooler and drier.


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