A cluster of ninety-nine islands that boast some of Malaysia’s most enchanting landscapes of unspoilt natural beauty. Just the name Langkawi conjures up images of tropical romance and carefree days and with just two of the islands inhabited it is certainly a great choice to get away from it all. Even these remain relatively underdeveloped and in the main are islands of small villages, rice paddies, water buffaloes and natural beauty. The prime activities on Langkawi involve swimming, sunbathing and taking in spectacular views, but watersports and island hopping are an option if you really feel like something to do.


GMT: +8 hours
FLIGHT TIME: Approximately 13 hours (via Kuala Lumpur)
CURRENCY: Malaysian Ringgit
CLIMATE: Malaysia has a tropical, humid climate which rarely gets too hot. Major season changes are marked by the arrival of the monsoons. In Langkawi, monsoon season falls between July to September. One the whole, days in Malaysia are quite warm, with fairly cool nights.


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