Believed to be the most beautiful country in South Asia, Sri Lanka is an idyllic island famed for its enchanting blend of history, culture and scenery. Sri Lanka is a diverse land of ancient cities, tea plantations, forests and palm-fringed golden beaches.

The beaches are ideal for a relaxing holiday, but Sri Lanka has so much more to experience. Inland, the Cultural Triangle to the north offers deserted ancient cities, serene lakelands, abundant jungle and 2,000 year old historic sites.

While Sri Lanka has dozens of festivals each year, the Perahera Festival in Kandy is the most famous. A Buddhist festival, you can witness a hundred elephants - some decorated with vibrant costumes and paints, fire-dancers, whip dancers and richly decorated costumes. Celebrated each year in August, this is a wonderful experience and a great time to visit


GMT: +5.5 hours
FLIGHT TIME: Approximately 11 hours
CURRENCY: Sri Lankan Rupee
CLIMATE: Sri Lanka benefits from a tropical climate throughout the year, but to catch as little rain as possible you may wish to visit between December and March, on the west and south coasts


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