Beach life doesn’t get any better than this. With the Great Barrier Reef offshore, amazing islands and even more amazing beaches, Queensland is the epitome of paradise. Filled to the brim with beauty, from the top of its mountains to the shores of its clear blue seas and the 300 days of sunshine a year certainly help. Home to some of Australia’s highlights: the sun-kissed beaches, the Great Barrier Reef and the leafy rainforests, Queensland is a glorious mixture of vibrant contrasts. Fear not there are also plenty of lesser known treasures to explore, such as Boodjamula (Lawn Hill) National Park all bound together with the warmth of Queenslander hospitality. One thing’s for sure when you’re in Queensland you’re never far from nature.


GMT: +10 hours
FLIGHT TIME: Approximately 21 hours
CURRENCY: Australian Dollar
CLIMATE: The climate along the Queensland coast ranges from hot and humid in the far north, to comfortable cool temperatures in the southeast. The region never suffers from the chilly cold like many other places around the world, which makes Queensland an ideal beach location.


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