From the dramatic Hajar mountain peaks and Wahiba desert dunes to stunning, unspoilt beaches and the sophisticated elegance of the capital, Muscat, Oman weaves a tapestry of truly unforgettable experiences. With 1,700km of coastline and numerous coral reefs, Oman is a world-class diving area. On land, Oman’s varied terrain offers exciting desert and mountain motoring opportunities. Or explore the old-fashioned way on a camel safari. In sharp contrast to many of the other Gulf States, Oman remains relatively undiscovered, undeveloped and under the radar, making it perfect for the curious traveller who wants to explore a new territory. It has opened its arms to welcome in the world and with that gesture comes beautiful hotels, excellent service and hospitality – yet Oman still retains its authenticity. Only recently have roads been built across Oman, meaning those who venture into its desert and mountainous areas are often amongst the first to tread there. Despite its relative remoteness, Oman is famed for its friendly people and visitors here are very welcome to share in the beauty and solitude of this stunning corner of the Middle East.


GMT: +4 hours
FLIGHT TIME: Approximately 8 hours
CURRENCY: Omani Riyal
CLIMATE: The UAE has a sub-tropical arid climate; warm and sunny in winter, and hot and humid during the summer months. The humidity is particularly high in the coastal areas. Rainfall is virtually non-existence, with occasional short showers occurring mainly in winter (December and March).


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