Gleaming white mosques sit alongside soaring modern architecture, blending the action-packed present day Abu Dhabi with its captivating history.  Culture, character and charisma – Abu Dhabi has it all and so much more. Imagine a region steeped in history yet with a firm footing in the 21st century, a true Middle Eastern melting pot just waiting to be explored. Home to the Emirati Royal Family, this striking city and its surrounding beaches and desert make it perfect for the traveller who yearns for diversity. With world-class museums, art galleries, enticing souks, shopping malls, restaurants and fabulous hotels, the centre of Abu Dhabi offers visitors a chance to stimulate the mind whilst the nearby unspoilt beaches and atmospheric deserts give the chance to catch a breath and relax a while.


GMT: +4 hours
FLIGHT TIME: Approximately 7 hours (Dubai International Airport)
CURRENCY: Emirati Dirham
CLIMATE: The UAE has a sub-tropical arid climate; warm and sunny in winter, and hot and humid during the summer months. The humidity is particularly high in the coastal areas. Rainfall is virtually non-existence, with occasional short showers occurring mainly in winter (December and March).


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