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Langham Place Fifth Avenue, New York

Ultra modern luxury in the heart of Manhattan, Langham Place, New York, Fifth Avenue is centrally located on Fifth Avenue at 36th Street, steps from Bryant Park and the Empire State Building, luxury shopping, performing arts and sophisticated dining. 

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Virgin Atlantic

For nearly 30 years, Virgin Atlantic has been one of the world’s favourite longhaul airlines. Every year, they fly to over 30 of the world’s favourite business and leisure destinations.


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Design Influence

Charlotte Hudders

Simply awe-inspiring, on every level. The red carpet glamour of LA feels polished, and gives you that movie-star feeling, whilst in Las Vegas you find non-stop entertainment, and the design is so varied the only word to describe it is ‘wow’. Over to the east you find the shimmering skyscrapers of Manhattan, sat in contrast to the elegant brownstone rowhouses, and in Florida, the contrasts continue – from themed hotels and resorts in Orlando dominating the real estate, to Art Deco at its finest in Miami.



Culinary Cues

Nigel Haworth

Hearty steaks abound, Texas loves its ‘surf and turf ’ (Maine lobster and prime steak). Mid West Mississippi - big flavours Gumbo, and Dirty Rice to Crayfish and Oyster Shucks. BBQ’d Ribs from the Deep South, to the west for Sushi and California rolls! America is one extreme to another; from decadent to the super healthy food of LA.


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